Welcome to my blog. I am not sure how you got here, but I am glad you did.

While I am technically new to blogging, I am not necessarily new to writing. Like most good insomniacs, i’ve spend hours upon hours in the middle of the night writing novels, manifestations, love letters, hate letters (shhhh pretend I didn’t admit that), oh and inventing crazy things like a self cleaning microwave and the next miracle mop of course. 🙂

So why a blog?

Well there is one thing I feel with a 100 percent of my whole being which is manifesting your own happiness. Absolutely no one is responsible for your happiness but you. If more people would learn to live by that mantra then they would all be so much better off!

I also believe every action we take as humans has a similar and awesome reaction whether it be positive or negative. So I guess having neurotic mental dialogues in my head doesn’t actually count as action right?

For once I am acting on my crazy thoughts in order maybe make a difference in someone’s day, week, month, or whatever.  Or maybe just maybe if I start writing my thoughts out, they won’t wake me up at 2am anymore haha (selfish I know).

A little more about me….

Well if you weren’t sure I am a female. Notice I didn’t tell you my name? I don’t want to make this blog about a name or a face or a brand necessarily. I want it to be about the words.

Maybe someday I will reveal myself if necessary and I am sure it wouldn’t be too hard to figure out (damn internet). But for now let your imagination run wild.

Who knows you could be sitting next to be at a coffee shop in downtown Portland or the suburbs, or in line at Voodoo or even cheering on the Timbers in the army like a crazy person spilling beer everywhere after a goal.

Either way, my goal is to make everyone who takes the time to visit my blog feel inspired, happier for visiting, and most importantly loved. And If I can do that for just one person, well then this venture has been a success!