The inter-webs are all fired about about an Open Letter that Talia Jane wrote last week to the CEO of Yelp complaining about the wages being paid to employees and how life was just so unfair to her in general. In her “letter” she describes horrible working conditions such as only having FREE food available during the week and gawd forbid having to work in the SAME customer service position for a WHOLE entire year before being able to transfer. She even goes on to complain about them taking extra time to train her properly so she may reduce the companies overhead, $20 dollar co-pays for covered health insurance, and a boss that wants her to get to work on time and without excuses.

I don’t even know what to say except are you fu*#&ing kidding me Talia? You do realize that NO COMPANY needs to give you free food, most peoples co-pays are twice what you are paying and they have high deductibles to boot, and any company worth their bottom dollar keeps newly hired employees in one position for a WHOLE ENTIRE YEAR to make sure that a) they are capable of performing the job reliably and b) they get their return on investment for taking the companies valuable time training you for said position. Time = money Talia and I’m sorry to be the one to break it to you and every other entitled millennial brat but the CEO of Yelp has earned every last dollar that he has in his bank account. He owes you nothing!

It is time as a society that we stop coddling are damn youth and start making them accountable for their own actions because THIS is exactly what happens. Whiny 20 somethings start complaining about how they didn’t get the job they wanted and deserved even though they have no experience, they should be making $15 an hour to flip burgers or answer phones, and how mom and dad will only pay part of their rent and cell phone so they have to get a job. I want to first say boo f*%&^ing hoo millennial and welcome to the real world!

I consider myself for the most part moderately liberal. I like to evaluate a situation before stating my opinion and I damn well know what it’s like to be poor. I also believe that everyone deserves a chance in life and we as a society should strive to give to those that put in the effort on their end a hand up not necessarily a handout. I also believe in something called choice.

We have the choice as human beings to do good or bad and the choice to better our own situation or stay on the same road that is leading us down a path of misery. Case in point, I once didn’t drink milk for 6 months because my kids needed it more than me. You didn’t hear me crying about how the world owed me milk. No I bucked up and dealt with it like a real grown up adult because I put myself in the situation to begin with by my own choices.

You Miss Millennial made a choice to be exactly where you are at. Not your parents, not society, and certainly not the CEO of Yelp. Who in their right mind and with a college education rents an apartment that is 80% of your income?? I don’t give a hoot about the cost of living in the Bay area. I know all about it because the same types of people who are whining about not being able to afford rent there are now here in Portland complaining about being pushed out as well.

Why didn’t you not get a roommate? Why would you not find something more affordable farther out in the suburbs? Maybe move in with a relative or a friend? You and only you alone made the choice to rent something your economics or accounting class in college should have told you that you damn well couldn’t afford. And for that I do not feel sorry for you one bit.

Yes everyone’s reality is different. I am sure that everyone around you is completely miserable in their job just as much as you. Misery loves company and I can just imagine that you can cut the tension with a knife in that building but everyone has the choice to stay there or go find another gig.

I once worked at a company that allowed one of the senior managers in our department to berate, humiliate, and verbally harass employees into doing their jobs how he felt they should be done. He would even call us late into the night and on the weekends to berate us ruining any semblance of work/life balance. We were in constant fear that we would be fired if we went to HR and and occasionally when someone did, the situation backfired. You want to know what happened to him? He was promoted and given a raise while we all lost our jobs due to the company downsizing or were forced out. Did it suck and occasionally do I still have some anger about the situation to this day? Heck yes but I also know it’s part of life and I chose to stay in that environment instead of leaving. My choice.

What I don’t get with you Millennials is why you think society owes you anything? If you go to college and get an education yes I believe you should make a decent income EVENTUALLY once you put your time in or if you chose the right field that actually pays. If you start a company and your company is worth 200 million dollars then you dang well earned that money and you owe no one anything period!! Why should a human be punished for being successful? As long as they are not hurting anyone then they have free will to do whatever the want with THEIR money. Would I give back? Sure as heck I would but that doesn’t mean anyone else has to. There is no rule that says every human being has to be decent.

We are not all equal and we are not all the same and that is okay. Some people are talented with computers, good speakers, exceptional writers or even salesmen. Maybe you Miss Millennial are smarter than I anticipated and wrote your Op-Ed to garner sympathy and donations. Only time will tell but one piece of advice I would give you now that you have been terminated…Never EVER again think any company or human being owes you anything in life. The next position you have will most likely require you to prove yourself 10 times as hard. And with a little more life experience and possibly maturity, you may just realize that you are blessed to even have a damn job and try your hardest to do what you were hired to do….work. And if you don’t want to do that, then start your own company and give back to society by creating jobs so you can give everyone free food, free health insurance, time off whenever they feel like it and make them feel all warm and fuzzy inside while still turning a profit. Good luck!



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