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Healing through Forgiveness

I have been reading a lot lately about karma, Buddhism, and religion in general. I’ve also been writing a lot and penned this the other day while feeling deep emotions about a situation that happened to me last year when… Continue Reading →

Why Losing Weight Didn’t Make me Feel as Good as I Thought it Would

So I have been on this crazy new journey of self discovery over the last year. And when I say self discovery what I really mean is this mom needs to get a freaking life! This situation has mostly been… Continue Reading →

Conversations I would have with my 20 Something Year old Self

What is the one thing you would change about your life if you could go back and change it? How many times have you been asked this question by a friend or acquaintance? I mean could you imagine if you… Continue Reading →

Manifestations of a Happy Life!

“Everyone in life is capable of manifesting their own happiness period” You don’t need anyone including me to tell you how, when, or where your happiness resides, you just need to believe deep within your being that you are allowed… Continue Reading →

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