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Random sometimes neurotic manifestations about love, life, inspiration and living in and around Portland, Oregon


Meanwhile in Portland

A Day in Portland

I thought I’d lighten things up a bit and write a brief list with all the great day trip things to do in around Portland, Oregon. Yes I know there are a ton of “lists” out there but I will… Continue Reading →

Portland and Other Drugs Part 2 – The Suburbs

Alright moving on with all things Portland suburbs which is pretty timely as I guess an article came out recently stating we are the most moved to state. Oh joy let’s start with…. Traffic I am only going to touch… Continue Reading →

Portland and Other Drugs Part 1 – Whats it Really Like Here?

Have you ever watched the movie “Love and Other Drugs? The main character is a charismatic narcissistic douchebag. He gets his high from sleeping with random women and and making money. That is until he meets his match and falls… Continue Reading →

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