I have been reading a lot lately about karma, Buddhism, and religion in general. I’ve also been writing a lot and penned this the other day while feeling deep emotions about a situation that happened to me last year when I lost a very close friend to her own inner demons. Although it’s so hard for me everyday to know she won’t be in my life anymore, I know it’s for the best and at this point all I can do is love and forgive. I hope my words can help someone else with the pain they may have as well with losing a loved one, a friend, or a someone you felt was going to be in your life for a long time but for some reason or another they just can’t.

When someone leaves our life abruptly or hurts us so deeply that it shakes us to the core and affects every action we take in life thereafter, the pain causes a deep internal fear and conflict that for some will last an entire lifetime. Healing will not ever truly begin until we learn to love and forgive ourselves first as deep down inside we know we were also an active participant in the transgression that has occurred.

Guilt is one of the strongest emotions we feel as humans but when we learn to forgive ourselves something magical happens. We see the good the love and the lesson that was meant to be learned from the situation because there is ALWAYS something good that comes from bad even when we can’t necessarily see that good when the pain and hurt runs so deep. Only then will we be able to truly forgive the other person and open our hearts to the possibility of living a happy and fulfilled life. Find your peace.

Good luck!


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