You came in the night like a breath of fresh air.

Finding me and speaking truths of life, love and despair.

Decades of pain fell from my heart.

Punch drunk love I became right from the start.


I see you.

You’re broken yet somehow your heart and soul still remain untainted.

All I wanted to do was rescue you from your self-inflicted hatred.

But your wall was too steep to climb so I fell down trying.

Falling in love with a possibility; how stupid was I you were lying.


Why do I continue to feign for your existence when it was just a facade?

Where are you, what are you doing, who do you ring now for a fix of late night fraud?

Chemistry beyond reason is stronger than any drug you can take.

But I have to remind myself to get over it, move on, it was all fake.


Before it began it’s over and I am left with an internal dialogue meant for two.

What if she hadn’t tarnished you?

What if you had met me just one more time or in a different place?

What if you had allowed me to heal and take you from this space?

What if you had just given it a chance…


Like a fool I remain punch drunk love on your words of happenstance.

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